Your Struggles & Your Seasons

All of life revolves around going  through seasons.  Happy seasons, challenging seasons, growth seasons,  surviving seasons and even dark seasons.  Animals, plants, people,  relationships, even our jobs or careers.  Each has it’s highs and lows  or: seasons.

Ancient scriptures states:  There is a time and a season for every activity under the heavens.  A season for everything…  Really? It even goes on to say in detail: A time to plant, a time to uproot. A time to search and a time to give up.  A time to love and a time to hate. Whoa, hold it!  A time to hate? Is this correct?  This can’t be right…

The seasons of life are a lot like an ocean that is in a constant state of  change. Taking us from one wave to another. One experience to the next.  One season to the next.  From struggle to reward. From weakness to  strength.  It is perhaps the foundation to all forms of life.

I  have been through some of the ugliest storms life could give.  At the  time, it was horrible.  The weight of the world was upon my shoulders.  Yet not one of those seasons lasted.  They came and went. You have  likely been through some horrible seasons too.  It’s part of life.   Scripture reinforces this. In fact, based on this, life was never meant  to be a constant season of green grass, rainbows, blue skies and puffy  white clouds.  We need to go through the dark times, pain and suffering, loss and mourning. But why?

When we peel back the layers and  take a closer look, we realize the dark times of life have a seed of  growth planted within them. The struggle, the battle, eventually gives  way to the persistent effort put forth and inside it, that seed sprouts  and begins to grow. As it grows, it gains strength. It begins to stand  on it’s own and become new again.  It moves into it’s next assigned  place in life.  What an inspirational moment to see it stand strong,  glowing with beauty.  Confident and at peace simply because of what it  has become. That’s you and me!

That’s the way we are. The  dark times, no matter how deep and desolate, are there for us to  experience, grow from, learn from, change and become.  They help us  mature. The time to hate turns into a time to love and the time of  bitterness turns into a time of forgiveness and the time of selfishness  becomes a time of selflessness.

I have never met one person who wanted to go through all of the junk life can throw at us.  Yet it is  essential if we are to stand on our own two feet, confident, bold and  courageous.  Smooth waters never made a skilled sailor.  It was with the rough waters, winds and obstacles that he becomes great. Could you  imagine going sailing on the ocean with someone who had never  experienced rough seas?

No storm has lasted forever, not one!  Every storm you have ever gone through came to an end.  So will the ones in your future. It’s who you have become after the storm that counts.   That’s where the world will know who the real you is. Don’t lose heart  or focus while in the storm.  It will pass.

If there is only one  ounce of energy within you, look to see what you can take away from the  storm.  Don’t try to just get through it. Then you can take what you  have learned and apply it.  Doing so makes the sweet seasons sweeter and the dark times, less dark.

Have a great week everyone.  Choose to make better choices.

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  1. Julie Woods Olson

    Ssoo true. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Julie Woods Olson

    So true Scott. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Scott Stewart

      Always happy to share what I’ve learned and grown from, Julie. Blessings.

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