Windshield or Rear View Mirror

I heard a great quote the other day: Quit looking through your rear view mirror; that’s where you’ve been.  Focus on the windshield; that’s where you’re going.

True, isn’t it?  How many of us let the hurts, disappointments and set backs  of the past meander through our daily thoughts? How many times do we let the bitterness of yesterday steal our joy of today?  Maybe the bigger question is, why do we keep allowing it?

Dr. Mike Murdock says:  If the mind doesn’t have a focus on the future, it will replay the memories of the past.  There is definitely some truth to this.
As crazy as this may sound, I  have come to understand our minds are not always our friend.  Some of  the thoughts that enter our minds often do little to no good for us.  In fact, at times, it’s destructive.  Anger, fear, rejection and feeling  like we are less valuable than others around us. None of those thoughts  are healthy.
Our minds love comparing us with others:  Do we have all the cool things they do?  Do we look as successful as  they do?  Do we make as much as they do?  Is our spouse as attractive as theirs?  Is our house bigger, our cars newer and are our vacations as  lavish as theirs? It’s almost as if all these things are critical to  happiness. What a load of crap!
Think  about this for a second.  A simple thought that comes and goes, for only a second or two, has the power to make us feel happy or sad.  Cover us  with fear, laughter or become anxious.  Something so small, it seems so  insignificant: thoughts. They can trigger an emotion that can change our mood and no one has to be around for it to happen.  Simply amazing!
The truth is, our thoughts are not insignificant, they are powerful because they create feelings and feelings, often make us do things we wouldn’t normally do.   We need to get a handle on them!  You mean…control them?  Yes, control them.  While we may not be able to control what comes into our mind, we can control whether or not we believe it and how long it stays there.  Let me explain.
Not every thought that comes to our mind do we have to believe.  Simply  said:  Not all thoughts are truth.  No one has ever proven it was.  Some have this understanding backwards and believe every thing they think.  Definitely not a healthy way to live.  Men, (I can say this because I am one) can you imagine if you believed every thought you ever had about women?  Enough said, point made.
Without a focus, our minds love to remind us of past failures.  How we screwed  up, what we did wrong, how we will always be a failure.  The fact is,  that’s crap.  A past mistake never means we are guaranteed to make the  same mistake again.  Never!  Why?  Because we can choose to learn from  that mistake and not repeat it.  Take your past and learn from it, don’t dwell on it.  There is nothing good that can come from replaying those  mistakes of the past.  Nothing!
When those destructive thoughts come into your mind, simply say out loud: that’s the past, I have learned from it and refuse to dwell on it!  Period, end of story!  Say this often and long enough and I promise, you will eventually control those thoughts.
Lastly, forgive yourself. Yes, you’ve made mistakes. Every one of us has, and I can guarantee, we’ll make more. It’s life. Forgive yourself, others have. You are worth far more than the useless baggage you’ve been carrying around.

The windshield in a car is 20-30 times bigger than the rear view mirror.   Why? Because you need to have your focus on where you’re going, not  where you’ve been.  Your past is just like this.  The rear view mirror  is a tool, so is your past.  You cannot drive a car by looking in the  rear view mirror, nor can your life move forward if you’re focused on  what’s behind you.

Have a great week, choose healthy thoughts, be blessed.
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