Self Image & Self Esteem

“I’ve lived with no self-esteem and I’ve lived with a lot. Trust me, life is harder…even sometimes horrible, without it but it can be amazing and rewarding though when you’ve got it!”  Scott Stewart – Author, Speaker & Inspirationist
Growing up with a poor self-image and a lack of confidence makes life hard.  Scott knows this all to well. It wasn’t until his mid twenties did he set out on a mission to change that.  During that journey, what he found was life changing! By simply changing how he saw himself, he changed how he saw the world. Since then, he has made it a priority to help others build their self-image and confidence, leaving behind the destructive habits most aren’t even aware they have.
In this segment, Scott shares his own battles, struggles and successes, combines them with 20+ years of studying self-esteem and confidence, and delivers a life changing message. He shares the reasons why many don’t have it, what the really confident do to get it and how anyone can start the process of increasing their confidence at any moment they wish.
Scott takes the quote: We will never out perform the image we hold of our self, to a whole new level. Here, he will share the differences, common denominators, habits and techniques that only a few are aware of, that can help anyone increase their confidence, at any level and live with a healthy self-image. The strategies he will share are not only his own but are also timeless and proven principles.
Often, the results end with more personal power, higher sales, a higher level of productivity, happiness at home, in business and in personal relationships.
Scott will Explain:
* How to recognize a healthy self-esteem
* Why life is so much harder with a lack of confidence
* How to increase your confidence no matter what level you’re at
* Who the most important conversation is with and why it’s so critical
* The 5 things you should NEVER say
* What’s the single most important thing you can do for yourself, NOW
* What 5 simple steps you can make over the next 5 days that will change how you see yourself
(This segment is ideal for: non profit’s, team building events, small business’s, managers and team leaders. It can also be modified for church groups, family retreats, men’s, women’s groups and teen organizations)




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