So You Want to Take The Shortcut?

The 70’s and 80’s, what a great time to grow up. Building tree forts, riding bikes and countless hours spent with friends. Fantastic!

Once in a while we would take shortcuts through a field or the neighborhood, trying to save time and create a new adventure. To a kid, this screamed excitement. If there was a quicker way, a place where we had never been – yes please! I want to go! Shortcuts were a place. Today however, they mean something totally different.

That was a long time ago, a lot has changed. Obviously, technology plays a substantial part in this. Connecting with friends, family and having fast, easy, cheap access to information has never been easier than it is today. Are we spoiled? Yes, perhaps so.

Today, our lives are filled with shortcuts. It’s a way of life. Rarely are they a place. Shortcuts have embedded themselves in our work, business, mindset…even how we view success. Our culture has embraced every kind of shortcut possible. If it’s shorter, easier and quicker, it must be better, right?

Drive up financial institutions, fast food drive ups, convenience store drive ups, dry cleaning drive ups, coffee stand drive ups, even marriage drive ups (yes, I am afraid so). All aimed at making things easier, faster and cheaper. Shortcuts galore!

Have a headache or some sort of pain? Just take this pill. Wanna lose weight? Here is a new and improved product called: (insert name here). Just take it twice a day and you should see results in no time. Never mind that you eat like crap, take in large amounts of processed foods and don’t exercise. This new product makes up for all that. It’s a shortcut!

Still can’t lose the weight? There’s another way; liposuction. Since the early 2000’s, millions of people every year have this procedure done. It’s a great shortcut to getting thin.

Want to escape the 8-5 rat race and make serious money? Give me $500 and I’ll sign you up in this new business called: (insert name here). It’s a ground floor opportunity that is a faster and easier way to accumulate wealth. Forget about actually working for it, we can take this shortcut. Ready to sign up?

Ever wanted to invest in real estate? Buy this piece of property with little to no money down and because you are going to buy it for only $.60 cents on the dollar, I’ll show you how to flip it next month for a profit with NO risk! Ready to get started?

Neighbor have more flat screen TVs than you? Short on cash? No problem. We have a credit plan. For only $90 a month at 26% interest, you can leave here today with however many you want. Never mind that you’ll still be paying for them (if you only make the minimum payment) long after they wear out. Just sign here and they are yours

Even the movie: The Secret. It claims that we simply need to focus on what we want and through the mental process, your mind will come up with creative ways in which you can obtain that which you seek. (yes it’s a little deeper than that but you get the idea) Although I do believe in this line of thinking to some degree and have seen amazing things in my own life happen by implementing its strategy, nothing, and I do mean nothing, happens unless you are willing to: do. As in, work for what you want. You still have to take action! But hey… The Secret, it’s a shortcut. We have to try it!

Do I need to keep going?

People everywhere are trying to grab some level of success by circumventing paying the price. Some will do ANYTHING to get it. Including spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year on lottery tickets. It’s easy, quick and cheap. Hey, there is some small chance you could win, right? After all, someone has to.


It’s easy to dodge the work but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging the work.


The universal law of work / reward cannot be circumvented. When you try to “shortcut” this, you’re only altering the consequences. Though it may seem like we are bypassing the price and only reaping the rewards, we are not. We’re simply putting off the exchange for what we got.

Using a credit card to buy what you do not need nor can afford is a perfect example. I’m not talking about using one for an emergency, I’m talking about purchasing those flat screen TVs with it. You’re only hurting yourself. Maybe not today but you certainly are down the road

It doesn’t take a whole lot of psychology to realize that anything handed to us without much effort rarely has value. Sure we may see it as enjoyable and fun…it probably is, at first, but on the inside, there is no sense of pride, accomplishment or ownership. In fact, it’s often just the opposite; we’re somewhat empty. Especially after the newness has worn off.

Our culture has shifted so much towards a life of instant gratification that part of our economy is dependent on people buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have.


Pay now or pay later and quite often, paying later, is a much steeper price.


Simply avoiding the work, effort or price, today… does not mean you have avoided it forever. One way or another, the price will be paid. Either in interest, time, extra work, stress or worse yet, ones health.

No one goes without paying the price. Ever!

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