Isn’t it Time for a Divorce?

Let’s be honest, many of us need one.

Far too many are living a life tied to things that are worthless. In fact, they hold us back!

Webster’s defines divorce as: a complete separation of two things.

Oh… you thought I was referring to leaving your spouse? Gotcha! : )

In this context, you and I both know we have things we need to separate from, right?

Bad habits, procrastination, the “I should list”… How about negative self talk? Oh, that’s a big one!

When is the last time you heard someone say to themselves “good job idiot” or, “you are so stupid”?  “That was stupid, when are you going to finally learn”? Maybe it was you who said this to yourself. I hope not, but I know it happens.

How about those self-defeating thoughts that randomly zip through your mind while you’re driving down the road? “What makes you think you can do that” “No one wants to listen to what you have to say”. How about “You’re crazy if you think you can achieve dreams like that”. Any of these sound familiar?

Did you ever notice that thoughts like; “Right on! Go get it, you can do it, you’re awesome” never run through your mind? What’s up with that anyway?

Truth be told, to some degree, every one of us struggle with this. Some more than others. But regardless, we can overcome it. But first, we need a divorce!

That’s why, effective immediately, as you read this, I give you permission and therefore, you should give yourself permission, to separate from those negative doubts and self talk. Yes, I’m serious, do it. Get divorced today!

The next time those negative thoughts or self-doubt creeps into your mind, get rid of them. DO NOT let them occupy any space or time in your head. Tell them: you are no longer welcome, get out! Yes, I know, that sounds weird, but do it. Take control and demand they leave!

Seriously. If you don’t separate yourself from them, who will? Last I checked, no one else is going to do it for you.

One of the single biggest battles you and I will ever fight is not with someone else, it will be with our own selves, our own minds  Depending upon where we’ve come from, what our influences have been, failures and successes, each of us will struggle with self-doubt proportionally.  If you are use to constant, negative thoughts and it’s been a way of life, demanding it leave will be way easier said than done. I realize that. If this is you, give these ideas a try.

Repeatedly listen and read, positive, encouraging books. Now, before you roll your eyes at my suggestion, realize something. Negative and positive thoughts cannot coexist at the same time. It’s one or the other, period! So, play that CD, listen to that audio book, replay that sermon from last weeks church service. Pick up a book  on having a positive mental attitude (there are many) and get to reading. Do it! It will make all the difference. Yes, it will likely take a little time to get use to your new activity, especially if it’s been a strong hold for you. But give it time, it will work!

How do I know? How else could I have gone from a place of no self-esteem, negative self talk with zero belief in myself and my abilities to complete confidence, drive and total love for myself? I purposely reprogrammed my mind with optimistic thinking, day in and day out and you know what? It worked. But for it to work, I had to remove the crap and put in the good. More importantly, I had to start.

Had I never started, it would have been nearly impossible for me to ever do what I do now; inspire, awaken and build people up.

So… get divorced! Start today. All it takes is one small change to start the process and I assure you, it will make all the difference.

Have a fantastic week, be blessed.

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  1. Gabriel Wanyama

    I appreciate for good idea through your message, my thinking is growing as i continue learning from you dear servant. Pray for movement, we all need exchange from each other. This year i’m pray to God for a change as i move forward through challenges and mountains in the ministry. Be blessed for your encouraging.

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