Healthy -vs- Dysfunctional Relationships

On this subject: Scott addresses common practices between healthy and dysfunctional relationships. He covers the dangers and ill effects of being in and around dysfunction for extended periods of time. His practical ideas and illustrations come from his own experiences and what he learned by studying them for years and years. He will discuss the common denominators that are thought provoking and eye opening. To overcome dysfunction, Scott share what he did and what others must do to meet it head on.
He will cover key steps that must be taken to replace dysfunction with functional, healthy relationships that are supportive, peaceful, express love, show grace, have longevity and build up rather than tear down.
* Dysfunction operates on many levels
* Common myths around dysfunction
* How we see our self is directly connected to the dysfunction in our life
* The single most powerful statement everyone should use to disable dysfunction
* Implementing basic boundaries is a must to disable dysfunction
* How to become comfortable with being uncomfortable
* Why even the most good, well intended parents have dysfunction
* Basic tools everyone needs to disable dysfunction

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