“Forgiveness can’t change the past but it can change the future.”
Scott has lived a life of forgiveness. At the age of 22, he endured a deep, dark, life changing event that would alter the rest of his life. It would take many years to deal and heal from that event but what he realized is even more important: forgiveness is the key. Little did he know it would take longer to forgive than it would to overcome.
In this presentation, Scott shares his own testimony / life story.  Often, this stirs up personal and emotional feelings. Sharing the secrets of his life for everyone to see is risky and personal but Scott puts it out there, all in hopes that it will change lives.
In the big picture though, it’s not about him or his story. It’s about reaching out and inspiring others to recognize, own and grow to a level of allowing forgiveness.
In this talk, Scott shares why it’s critical each of us let go of our bitterness, resentment, anger and move in the direction of forgiveness. The practical and proven strategies he used in his own life, are not only proven and timeless, they can work for virtually everyone. Any individual, group or team wanting to move past the hurts and painful experiences of the past, will gratefully benefit from Scott’s insight and wisdom.
One of Scott’s favorite quotes: “It’s not about letting them off the hook and it’s not about giving them a free pass. It’s about letting go and giving yourself the freedom you deserve”
In this segment, Scott covers:
* Why forgiveness is like poison
* Why forgiveness isn’t for the other person
* Why trust and forgiveness ARE NOT the same thing
* How to forgive even when forgiveness doesn’t seem possible
* Why most people don’t realize forgiveness is NOT just a one time event
* Why so many don’t forgive
* How our EGO will always refuse to forgive
(This segment is ideal for faith based organizations such as: men’s, women’s and teen, groups but can be altered to fit leadership breakout’s, family events and personal growth seminars)

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