Conversations With Yourself… They Matter

Recently, a longtime friend shared some very unfortunate news: she was going blind.

I was in shock! How could this be? After not talking with her for quite some time, that is the last thing I thought she would share with me. Not only did it take me aback, I was a bit in disbelief. How could this happen, I kept thinking?

As she continued sharing, it quickly became evident that she had somewhat accepted this. Apparently, her doctor had diagnosed her with Macular Degeneration several months earlier, and the inevitable would happen; it was just a matter of time. As I sat there speechless, I couldn’t help but notice the order of her words, the syntax, to what she was sharing.

On one hand, she made it clear she wanted to fight and wasn’t willing to just lie down and be a statistic. Yet, her words were…disturbing. Just the opposite, actually. In a matter of minutes, she repeatedly said that before she goes blind, she wants to do this and that and the other, etc. Basically affirming what the doctor told her.

With an authoritative tone and volume, I asked, “Do you want to be blind?” To which she replied, “Well, no.” “Then why do you keep reaffirming what the doctor told you,” I asked. She became quiet. After a few moments, I explained to her that two of the most powerful words in the English language are “I am”. The words before, and after that, will shape your life if repeated often enough. Yes, they are that “powerful”! You might say, I got a little strong with her, but for her own good.

Words matter; Period! And it just so happens that when we include “I am”, our subconscious is listening. In fact, it’s always listening; it can’t be shut off. When my friend spoke to herself, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I knew the words she were saying were like self-inflicted poison. By the end of our talk, she got it. She assured me she would no longer be using those words, especially in that order.

I often hear others say similar things; it’s troubling. I guess you could say my radar is tuned in to hear such language. I suspect they, too, don’t realize the power in what they’re saying to them self. Right in front of their very eyes, they are planting seeds of what will eventually become a harvest. Good, great, sad or misery; it doesn’t matter.

Our subconscious catches all of it and stores it for future affirmation. Once it catches enough of the same, it tells the brain, ”hey, this is truth, accept it and adapt to it.”
So…what are you telling yourself? Is it negative, destructive, name-calling, or is it positive, does it build others and yourself up? Does it reinforce where you’re going or who you want to be? You may think that I’m crazy, but I promise you, folks everywhere, daily, are saying things to themselves that cause far more damage than good.

Pay attention to this; it matters! One of the most important conversations you will have today is with yourself. What will you be saying?

Be blessed.

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