God is Not a Vending Machine

Lately, I cannot take my daughters past a vending machine without them wanting something from it.

They are young and going through that stage where they think they need candy, soda or some kind of ice cream daily. I know kids go through this, but it gets old after a while! I want this; I want that, all the time. If you’ve raised kids, you well know what I am referring to.

As an adult, one of the ways I have come to try to understand God and how he views me is very similar to how I view my own children. How I see them, their actions and affection, brings about a certain feeling or insight as to how God must feel when He watches me.

 Obviously, there are times when we do not approve of our children’s behavior and choices, but we still love them the same. If they choose to wander away, do their own thing, spread their wings and fail, we still love them. Even doing things knowing their parents will likely not approve, they still do it. As parents, we sit back watching, observing and hoping they will eventually come back.

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