Who Said it Was Going to be Fair

Recently, my youngest daughter has been over using the term, “hey that’s not fair”. The typical response I give her: “who told you it was supposed to be fair?”

Our culture carries with it the belief that we need to be fair. Treat others with fairness, raise our children to be fair and that overall, life is about fairness. But is it?

Who ever said life was going to be fair? Who told us that others would treat us fairly? Was it our parents? Before them, their parents and their parents and…. Well, you get the point.

Can we all agree: life is not always fair. Innocent people are harmed every day, contributing, caring people get cancer and those who have given their lives to help others, are wronged. That’s life and no, it’s not fair!

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S.I.D Part 2

S.I.D: Self Imposed Doubt.

Last week we discussed who S.I.D is, where he came from, and how he works. This week you are going to get some basic steps on how you can take control OVER him!

Self-imposed doubt is destructive. If it were possible for S.I.D to have a goal, it would be to hold you down and keep you from becoming and having the kind of life you truly desire. No matter what that dream is: true love, happiness, healthy weight, a rewarding career, financial bliss, or a peaceful life; if you dream of it but don’t have it, S.I.D is likely at the core of it.

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Meet S.I.D

Allow me to introduce you to someone who follows you around daily, and you’re probably not even aware of it!

He’s always right there, whispering to you; sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night. Usually when you’re alone is when he speaks the loudest. That’s also when he can have the biggest impact on you.

Surely you know of who I am talking about…it’s S.I.D. He sits up on your shoulder, and when you least expect it, he whispers to you. You probably don’t even know he’s there. In fact, S.I.D is so smooth and effective at what he does, I’d be willing to bet you’re completely unaware of him.

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What’s Your Love Style?

One of the most powerful ways to meet the needs of your spouse is understanding their love language. Did you even know you have a love language?

Much like a personality, each one of us carries a love style or language. In short, it’s the way in which we feel or receive love.

Not every one of us feel loved the same way. To one person, feeling loved might come from their spouse making them their favorite meal. Another might feel loved by spending quality time together on a walk or going for a drive. Yet another might mean a surprise back massage.

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