Your Life: Automatic or Manual?

I love cars. Old restored hot rods, unique sports cars, pickups, even jacked up 4 wheel drives. It’s energizing to see the creativity people come up with in restoring, building or modifying a classic.

I learned to drive my dad’s Jeep when I was 9. I fell in love with driving immediately. That 1945 military Jeep was a lot of fun. ( still have it) I bought my first car when I was 14. Stomping on the accelerator, pushing down on the clutch, grabbing gears… controlling the speed and direction. It was exhilarating! Always has been. Having complete control over every movement of that machine: Just awesome!

My first car had a 4 cylinder 4 speed. The thrill I got from shifting when I wanted, going as fast as I wanted in whichever gear. Not a ton of power, but was still able wear out a set of brand new tires in less than a year! It may have not gone fast, but it had a clutch and an emergency brake, and I learned quickly how to use both to have fun! (No, I don’t drive like that anymore)

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Screwed Up? How Did You Fix it?

Made bad choices? Welcome to the club. We’ve all done it. What’s more of a concern is: what did you do to rectify it?

Recently, I read a story where an employee was caught for stealing. Not from her employer, but from a customer whom she was serving.

Within a day or so, the employer found out and immediately questioned her about the acquisition. With emotion and hesitation, the employee confirmed. Not only did she confess but since the time of her action, she had become remorseful and ashamed. She went as far to write an apology letter to the employer and the customer. It all appeared to be a heart felt with some emotions mixed in.

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Conversations With Yourself… They Matter

Recently, a longtime friend shared some very unfortunate news: she was going blind.

I was in shock! How could this be? After not talking with her for quite some time, that is the last thing I thought she would share with me. Not only did it take me aback, I was a bit in disbelief. How could this happen, I kept thinking?

As she continued sharing, it quickly became evident that she had somewhat accepted this. Apparently, her doctor had diagnosed her with Macular Degeneration several months earlier, and the inevitable would happen; it was just a matter of time. As I sat there speechless, I couldn’t help but notice the order of her words, the syntax, to what she was sharing.

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Who Said it Was Going to be Fair

Recently, my youngest daughter has been over using the term, “hey that’s not fair”. The typical response I give her: “who told you it was supposed to be fair?”

Our culture carries with it the belief that we need to be fair. Treat others with fairness, raise our children to be fair and that overall, life is about fairness. But is it?

Who ever said life was going to be fair? Who told us that others would treat us fairly? Was it our parents? Before them, their parents and their parents and…. Well, you get the point.

Can we all agree: life is not always fair. Innocent people are harmed every day, contributing, caring people get cancer and those who have given their lives to help others, are wronged. That’s life and no, it’s not fair!

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Your Mind, Your Money – It Matters

OK, I’ll admit it. In my twenties, all I wanted was to make money — A lot of it, and I didn’t really care how. Six and seven digit dollar signs filled my thoughts. Man! What I could do with that much money!

I started following the work of a gentleman who made a living by trading commodities. He had done quite well, most would have labeled him as rich. A risky way to earn money? Yes, but I didn’t think about that side of it. Making money was the goal, and this looked like the place to do it.

Upon following him, I went into learning mode about how we think, feel, why we do what we do, and how feelings cause us to act in a certain way. This is a subject a lot of traders learn because it helps them become better at their craft. These were area’s I was somewhat familiar with. Upon following his teaching, this area became more valuable than the trading itself. Money, emotions, thoughts, choice, and behavior have always been intriguing. So, when he taught, I paid attention.

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S.I.D Part 2

S.I.D: Self Imposed Doubt.

Last week we discussed who S.I.D is, where he came from, and how he works. This week you are going to get some basic steps on how you can take control OVER him!

Self-imposed doubt is destructive. If it were possible for S.I.D to have a goal, it would be to hold you down and keep you from becoming and having the kind of life you truly desire. No matter what that dream is: true love, happiness, healthy weight, a rewarding career, financial bliss, or a peaceful life; if you dream of it but don’t have it, S.I.D is likely at the core of it.

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