Tired of The New Year Resolutions Hype?

Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard dozens of people talk about New Year’s resolutions. I’ve read countless emails about goal setting and how to make 2016 your best year ever and you know what? I’m sick of hearing about it!

I’m sick of everyone talking about making 2016 a better year and not telling you the other side of the coin. It’s almost like they are hyping up the new year so much you will completely forget about the reality of life and what many of us are going to face in 2016.

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Speed Doesn’t Always Win a Race

A few years ago, on a family vacation, I had a profound experience that reminded me of some basic, sound principles: the fastest runner isn’t always the one who wins the race.

I was riding bikes with one of my best friend’s son. At the time he was 14. He wasn’t a super athletic kid but far leaner and in much better shape than I was. Obviously, he weighed far less too. A typical teenager who had spent many hours on a bicycle. I too ride but mostly in the summer. It is one of my favorite forms of exercise.

We were heading back to the cabin after a 30 minute leisure ride. About a few blocks away from the cabin, he instantly stood up on the pedals and took off, leaving me in the dust. It only took a second or two for my competitive side take hold and… it was on!

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A Child’s Persistence

Last year, my wife and I signed my youngest up for gymnastics. What started out as simply an interest, quickly evolved into an obsession!

After the 3rd practice, she was hooked. As in, all in! She wanted to be there early, stay till the end and even do it on the weekends when the facility held an open gym night.

It wasn’t long and she advanced into the next level. Then the next… and the next. Not only was she really enjoying it, she worked hard at it. Even on nights she didn’t have class, she was practicing at home (driving my wife and I crazy in the process).

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