Isn’t it Time for a Divorce?

Let’s be honest, many of us need one. Far too many are living a life tied to things that are worthless. In fact, they hold us back! Webster’s defines divorce as: a complete separation of two things. Oh… you thought I was referring to leaving your spouse? Gotcha! : ) In this context, you and I both know we have things we need to separate from, right? Bad habits, procrastination, the “I should list”… How about negative self talk? Oh, that’s a big one! When is the last time you heard someone say to themselves “good job idiot” or, “you are so stupid”?  “That was stupid, when are you going to finally learn”? Maybe it was you who said this to yourself. I hope not, but I know it happens. How about those self-defeating thoughts that randomly zip through your mind while you’re driving down the road? “What makes you think you can do that” “No one wants to listen to what you have to say”. How about “You’re crazy if you think you can achieve dreams like that”. Any of these sound familiar? Did you ever notice that thoughts like; “Right on! Go get it, you can do it, you’re awesome” never run through your mind? What’s up with that anyway? Truth be told, to some degree, every one of us struggle with this. Some more than others. But regardless, we can overcome it. But first, we need a divorce! That’s why, effective immediately, as you read this, I give you permission and therefore, you should give yourself permission, to separate from those negative doubts and self talk. Yes, I’m serious, do it. Get divorced today! The next time those negative thoughts or self-doubt creeps into your mind, get rid of them. DO NOT let them occupy any space or time in your head. Tell them: you are no longer welcome, get out! Yes, I know, that sounds weird, but do it. Take control and demand they leave! Seriously. If you don’t separate yourself from them, who will? Last I checked, no one else is going to do it for you. One of the single biggest battles you and I will ever fight is not with someone else, it will be with our own selves, our own minds  Depending upon where we’ve come from, what our influences have been, failures and successes, each of us will struggle with...
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Tired of The New Year Resolutions Hype?

Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard dozens of people talk about New Year’s resolutions. I’ve read countless emails about goal setting and how to make 2016 your best year ever and you know what? I’m sick of hearing about it!

I’m sick of everyone talking about making 2016 a better year and not telling you the other side of the coin. It’s almost like they are hyping up the new year so much you will completely forget about the reality of life and what many of us are going to face in 2016.

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Your Mind, Your Money – It Matters

OK, I’ll admit it. In my twenties, all I wanted was to make money — A lot of it, and I didn’t really care how. Six and seven digit dollar signs filled my thoughts. Man! What I could do with that much money!

I started following the work of a gentleman who made a living by trading commodities. He had done quite well, most would have labeled him as rich. A risky way to earn money? Yes, but I didn’t think about that side of it. Making money was the goal, and this looked like the place to do it.

Upon following him, I went into learning mode about how we think, feel, why we do what we do, and how feelings cause us to act in a certain way. This is a subject a lot of traders learn because it helps them become better at their craft. These were area’s I was somewhat familiar with. Upon following his teaching, this area became more valuable than the trading itself. Money, emotions, thoughts, choice, and behavior have always been intriguing. So, when he taught, I paid attention.

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S.I.D Part 2

S.I.D: Self Imposed Doubt.

Last week we discussed who S.I.D is, where he came from, and how he works. This week you are going to get some basic steps on how you can take control OVER him!

Self-imposed doubt is destructive. If it were possible for S.I.D to have a goal, it would be to hold you down and keep you from becoming and having the kind of life you truly desire. No matter what that dream is: true love, happiness, healthy weight, a rewarding career, financial bliss, or a peaceful life; if you dream of it but don’t have it, S.I.D is likely at the core of it.

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Meet S.I.D

Allow me to introduce you to someone who follows you around daily, and you’re probably not even aware of it!

He’s always right there, whispering to you; sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night. Usually when you’re alone is when he speaks the loudest. That’s also when he can have the biggest impact on you.

Surely you know of who I am talking about…it’s S.I.D. He sits up on your shoulder, and when you least expect it, he whispers to you. You probably don’t even know he’s there. In fact, S.I.D is so smooth and effective at what he does, I’d be willing to bet you’re completely unaware of him.

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God is Not a Vending Machine

Lately, I cannot take my daughters past a vending machine without them wanting something from it.

They are young and going through that stage where they think they need candy, soda or some kind of ice cream daily. I know kids go through this, but it gets old after a while! I want this; I want that, all the time. If you’ve raised kids, you well know what I am referring to.

As an adult, one of the ways I have come to try to understand God and how he views me is very similar to how I view my own children. How I see them, their actions and affection, brings about a certain feeling or insight as to how God must feel when He watches me.

 Obviously, there are times when we do not approve of our children’s behavior and choices, but we still love them the same. If they choose to wander away, do their own thing, spread their wings and fail, we still love them. Even doing things knowing their parents will likely not approve, they still do it. As parents, we sit back watching, observing and hoping they will eventually come back.

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