Screwed Up? How Did You Fix it?

Made bad choices? Welcome to the club. We’ve all done it. What’s more of a concern is: what did you do to rectify it?

Recently, I read a story where an employee was caught for stealing. Not from her employer, but from a customer whom she was serving.

Within a day or so, the employer found out and immediately questioned her about the acquisition. With emotion and hesitation, the employee confirmed. Not only did she confess but since the time of her action, she had become remorseful and ashamed. She went as far to write an apology letter to the employer and the customer. It all appeared to be a heart felt with some emotions mixed in.

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Windshield or Rear View Mirror

I heard a great quote the other day: Quit looking through your rear view mirror; that’s where you’ve been. Focus on the windshield; that’s where you’re going.

True, isn’t it? How many of us let the hurts, disappointments and set backs of the past meander through our daily thoughts? How many times do we let the bitterness of yesterday steal our joy of today? Maybe the bigger question is, why do we keep allowing it?

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