Isn’t it Time for a Divorce?

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Let’s be honest, many of us need one. Far too many are living a life tied to things that are worthless. In fact, they hold us back! Webster’s defines divorce as: a complete separation of two things. Oh… you thought I was referring to leaving your spouse? Gotcha! : ) In this context, you and I both know we have things we need to separate from, right? Bad habits, procrastination, the “I should list”… How about negative self talk? Oh, that’s a big one! When is the last time you heard someone say to themselves “good job idiot” or, “you are so stupid”?  “That was stupid, when are you going to finally learn”? Maybe it was you who said this to yourself. I hope not, but I know it happens. How about those self-defeating thoughts that randomly zip through your mind while you’re driving down the road? “What makes you think you can do that” “No one wants to listen to what you have to say”. How about “You’re crazy if you think you can achieve dreams like that”. Any of these sound familiar? Did you ever notice that thoughts like; “Right on! Go get it, you can do it, you’re awesome” never run through your mind? What’s up with that anyway? Truth be told, to some degree, every one of us struggle with this. Some more than others. But regardless, we can overcome it. But first, we need a divorce! That’s why, effective immediately, as you read this, I give you permission and therefore, you should give yourself permission, to separate from those negative doubts and self talk. Yes, I’m serious, do it. Get divorced today! The next time those negative thoughts or self-doubt creeps into your mind, get rid of them. DO NOT let them occupy any space or time in your head. Tell them: you are no longer welcome, get out! Yes, I know, that sounds weird, but do it. Take control and demand they leave! Seriously. If you don’t separate yourself from them, who will? Last I checked, no one else is going to do it for you. One of the single biggest battles you and I will ever fight is not with someone else, it will be with our own selves, our own minds  Depending upon where we’ve come from, what our influences have been, failures and successes, each of us will struggle with self-doubt proportionally.  If you are use to constant, negative thoughts and it’s been a way of life, demanding it leave will be way easier said than done. I realize that. If this is you, give these ideas a try. Repeatedly listen and read, positive, encouraging books. Now, before you roll your eyes at my suggestion, realize something. Negative and positive thoughts cannot coexist at the same time. It’s one or the other, period! So, play that CD, listen to that audio book, replay that sermon from last weeks church service. Pick up a book  on having a positive mental attitude (there are many) and get to reading. Do it! It will make all the difference. Yes, it will likely take a little time to get use to your new activity, especially if it’s been a strong hold for you. But give it time, it will work! How do I know?...

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Tired of The New Year Resolutions Hype?

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Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard dozens of people talk about New Year’s resolutions. I’ve read countless emails about goal setting and how to make 2016 your best year ever and you know what? I’m sick of hearing about it!

I’m sick of everyone talking about making 2016 a better year and not telling you the other side of the coin. It’s almost like they are hyping up the new year so much you will completely forget about the reality of life and what many of us are going to face in 2016.

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Speed Doesn’t Always Win a Race

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A few years ago, on a family vacation, I had a profound experience that reminded me of some basic, sound principles: the fastest runner isn’t always the one who wins the race.

I was riding bikes with one of my best friend’s son. At the time he was 14. He wasn’t a super athletic kid but far leaner and in much better shape than I was. Obviously, he weighed far less too. A typical teenager who had spent many hours on a bicycle. I too ride but mostly in the summer. It is one of my favorite forms of exercise.

We were heading back to the cabin after a 30 minute leisure ride. About a few blocks away from the cabin, he instantly stood up on the pedals and took off, leaving me in the dust. It only took a second or two for my competitive side take hold and… it was on!

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So You Want to Take The Shortcut?

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The 70’s and 80’s, what a great time to grow up. Building tree forts, riding bikes and countless hours spent with friends. Fantastic!

Once in a while we would take shortcuts through a field or the neighborhood, trying to save time and create a new adventure. To a kid, this screamed excitement. If there was a quicker way, a place where we had never been – yes please! I want to go! Shortcuts were a place. Today however, they mean something totally different.

That was a long time ago, a lot has changed. Obviously, technology plays a substantial part in this. Connecting with friends, family and having fast, easy, cheap access to information has never been easier than it is today. Are we spoiled? Yes, perhaps so.

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A Child’s Persistence

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Last year, my wife and I signed my youngest up for gymnastics. What started out as simply an interest, quickly evolved into an obsession!

After the 3rd practice, she was hooked. As in, all in! She wanted to be there early, stay till the end and even do it on the weekends when the facility held an open gym night.

It wasn’t long and she advanced into the next level. Then the next… and the next. Not only was she really enjoying it, she worked hard at it. Even on nights she didn’t have class, she was practicing at home (driving my wife and I crazy in the process).

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You Can’t Coast Uphill

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In 2004, with a heart for people and over $60,000.00 invested, Mike opened his doors for business. A franchise in an up and coming industry, which he had studied, researched and believed in, whole heartedly.

There were no other businesses like his in the area which made getting clients somewhat easy. He began filling a need and the marketplace overwhelmingly responded in his favor. He did well. In a short amount of time, the old adage of “low hanging fruit” certainly held true and he picked away.

Business was plentiful and he continued to grow with only a medium amount of effort. He was serving a demographic where the need was substantial. It was a win-win situation and only several years later, Mike found himself reaping the fruits of his labor, risk and investment.

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Your Life: Automatic or Manual?

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I love cars. Old restored hot rods, unique sports cars, pickups, even jacked up 4 wheel drives. It’s energizing to see the creativity people come up with in restoring, building or modifying a classic.

I learned to drive my dad’s Jeep when I was 9. I fell in love with driving immediately. That 1945 military Jeep was a lot of fun. ( still have it) I bought my first car when I was 14. Stomping on the accelerator, pushing down on the clutch, grabbing gears… controlling the speed and direction. It was exhilarating! Always has been. Having complete control over every movement of that machine: Just awesome!

My first car had a 4 cylinder 4 speed. The thrill I got from shifting when I wanted, going as fast as I wanted in whichever gear. Not a ton of power, but was still able wear out a set of brand new tires in less than a year! It may have not gone fast, but it had a clutch and an emergency brake, and I learned quickly how to use both to have fun! (No, I don’t drive like that anymore)

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Screwed Up? How Did You Fix it?

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Made bad choices? Welcome to the club. We’ve all done it. What’s more of a concern is: what did you do to rectify it?

Recently, I read a story where an employee was caught for stealing. Not from her employer, but from a customer whom she was serving.

Within a day or so, the employer found out and immediately questioned her about the acquisition. With emotion and hesitation, the employee confirmed. Not only did she confess but since the time of her action, she had become remorseful and ashamed. She went as far to write an apology letter to the employer and the customer. It all appeared to be a heart felt with some emotions mixed in.

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The Battle Within

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A while back, I read a story about an Indian boy and his father. They were walking through the woods, talking about life, lessons and of battles not yet fought.

The boy, a teenager, and his father, a very wise and highly respected leader of the tribe, were in deep conversation, back and forth, when the son shared something that made his Father stop and pay close attention to his son.

He shared that lately he felt like there were two wolves inside of him, arguing back and forth. One wolf seemed to be of a supportive nature and was there to offer help when he needed it. It gave him peace, love and clarity. The other wolf though seemed to be causing confusion, disruption… almost as if he was there to rob, steal, and destroy. “It is powerful and kind of dark in nature”, he told his father. “It’s almost like it has no regard for others”.

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Conversations With Yourself… They Matter

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Recently, a longtime friend shared some very unfortunate news: she was going blind.

I was in shock! How could this be? After not talking with her for quite some time, that is the last thing I thought she would share with me. Not only did it take me aback, I was a bit in disbelief. How could this happen, I kept thinking?

As she continued sharing, it quickly became evident that she had somewhat accepted this. Apparently, her doctor had diagnosed her with Macular Degeneration several months earlier, and the inevitable would happen; it was just a matter of time. As I sat there speechless, I couldn’t help but notice the order of her words, the syntax, to what she was sharing.

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