Belief Systems

What we believe and why we believe it, are two of the most profound questions we should ask ourselves.
Scott Stewart, Author, Speaker & Inspirationist
Scott has studied belief systems and why we do what we do for over 20 years. Not only has he has changed his own belief’s several times, he has helped hundreds of others do the same to improve the quality of their life.
In this presentation, Scott peels back the layers that wrap around our own belief systems. Why do each of us hold a different view, philosophy and values? Why are some optimistic and others pessimistic? Why some see a half full glass and others see it half empty? Why only a few succeed on large levels and many never do? These are just a few examples of what Scott covers.
His deep understanding, illustrations and insight on the subject of belief systems will challenge and changes lives.  Weather it’s to eliminate a bad habit, become a better person, start a business or find more happiness, Scott’s style and strategy on belief’s, will leave your audience questioning, thinking and looking inside themselves.
In this presentation, Scott addresses:
* Why very few don’t know what they believe
* Why most of our belief’s are not authentic (not our own)
* Why feelings, convictions and belief’s are all different and what each of them mean
* Why many allow their feelings to form their beliefs
* Why what we believe is not always the best thing for us
* How to change what we belief, if we want to
* Why changing a belief is different than changing a feeling
(This topic can be customized to fit many different organizations, corporations, businesses, groups and teams) Contact Scott for further information.

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