Scott Talks with College Students

Scott Stewart addresses a class regarding finding their calling in life.
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Scott Speaking on Accountability

Scott addresses his audience about being accountable for fixing their own behavior. ” It’s nobodies responsibility but your own to unload your baggage.”
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Scott Speaking with Business Owners about Networking

Scott addressing business owners in the state of Oregon at the Chamber of Commerce State Convention
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Your Mind, Your Money – It Matters

OK, I’ll admit it. In my twenties, all I wanted was to make money — A lot of it, and I didn’t really care how. Six and seven digit dollar signs filled my thoughts. Man! What I could do with that much money!

I started following the work of a gentleman who made a living by trading commodities. He had done quite well, most would have labeled him as rich. A risky way to earn money? Yes, but I didn’t think about that side of it. Making money was the goal, and this looked like the place to do it.

Upon following him, I went into learning mode about how we think, feel, why we do what we do, and how feelings cause us to act in a certain way. This is a subject a lot of traders learn because it helps them become better at their craft. These were area’s I was somewhat familiar with. Upon following his teaching, this area became more valuable than the trading itself. Money, emotions, thoughts, choice, and behavior have always been intriguing. So, when he taught, I paid attention.

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