Like a lot of others, Scott grew up in a home situation that was less than functional. By the age of sixteen, he had experienced enough verbal and emotional abuse to last many lifetimes. Despite the turbulence he faced in those formative teen and pre-teen years, he made a personal commitment to stop the pattern of abuse and become a better parent to his own children than the examples he’d known.

Living with a poor self image and virtually no self esteem were area’s of Scott’s life that suffered immensely.

At age 22, Scott experienced a tragic, life-altering event that forever changed his views and perspectives. He spent the next eight years dealing with, healing and growing from that experience. What he didn’t know then was that the tragedy he faced would prompt and mold him, eventually becoming the impetus to help him find his life’s purpose as an influential writer and speaker.

Since 1994, Scott has made his own self-improvement a priority. He has not only attended over 300 seminars and immersed himself in over 2,400 hours of audio teaching, but has also invested in himself more than 1,000 hours of personal coaching and mentoring. Incredible enough as those numbers are, this does not include the hundred plus books he has read to help better himself. Scott understands it takes consistent effort, activity and commitment over a lifetime to become the very best you possible. It’s not something you can do once in awhile when it feels good.

Scott has been a guest on various radio shows such as: KPNW 1120 The Wake Up Call, KKNX 840 Solid Gold Oldies, KUGN 590 with Storm Kennedy and The Fay Day Show on KYKN 1430. In 2010 & 2011, he was the co-host on the show: Living Right for Your Type. He is a columnist in several newspapers, a blogger, speaker, coach and an inspirationist. Recently, Scott was asked to write for the Oregon Digest, a magazine committed to the betterment of the Willamette Valley, the area in which he resides. His E-book: 5simplestepstopeace.com was written to help just about anyone who is willing to put forth some effort and implement five easy, basic steps that will attract more peace and harmony into one’s life.

Sharing the keys to happiness, how to overcome a broken past, and helping others create a positive self-image are at the core of who Scott is. Assisting others in finding fulfillment, joy, the ability to let go of bitterness, and the willingness to embrace forgiveness are not only what Scott enjoys doing but are his life’s purpose.

Scott believes that, while every one of us lives according to how we are programmed, we do not have to stay that way. If we want to make our lives healthier, more abundant, more meaningful and fulfilling, we only have to change what we believe. That is: change what we were programmed to believe.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Of course not.

Using his natural, God-given gifts and strengths, Scott aims to help promote, support and inspire others toward healthy beliefs and positive self-images. In doing so, he believes he can help lead others into a redefined and revitalized lifestyle.

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