A Child’s Persistence

Last year, my wife and I signed my youngest up for gymnastics. What started out as simply an interest, quickly evolved into an obsession!

After the 3rd practice, she was hooked. As in, all in! She wanted to be there early, stay till the end and even do it on the weekends when the facility held an open gym night.

It wasn’t long and she advanced into the next level. Then the next… and the next. Not only was she really enjoying it, she worked hard at it. Even on nights she didn’t have class, she was practicing at home (driving my wife and I crazy in the process).

There was one area where she was struggling: the pull over. This one was tough. Week after week she tried and tried. Her coaches guided her, built her up and repeatedly instructed her how to get over and around that bar, but nothing seemed to work. She even did some resistance training at home on the Bowflex to build muscle.

More than a few times I saw her frustration and eagerness almost express itself in forms of tears. She wanted it so bad but just couldn’t quite get there! Working diligently with persistence seemed to only get her close, at best. Weeks and weeks went by but still nothing.

As I watched her in this process, what impressed me the most was her refusal to give up. Did she have weak moments? Yes. Did she have doubts? Yes. Frustration? A lot of it, yes. But as a whole, she loved gymnastics and because of that, quitting was not an option, nor was it even mentioned. Doing that pull over is all that mattered.

Once again, my daughter has shown me that when we go after the things we want, it will take time and persistence. Yes, there may be times of doubt and times where we don’t feel like we are gaining ground. Times when we question ourselves and if it is worth it. I know I have asked myself this several times throughout my life at different times.

Watching her struggle while going after what she wanted made me proud. Very proud. I knew in my heart if she kept at it she would eventually get it.

After almost 90 days, she accomplished her goal. It was a beautiful moment. That first time, was powerful! So much so that she went and did it again and again and yet again, all within just a few minutes. Her confidence soared!

Watching my daughter work her butt off and go after something she really, really wanted was awesome! Being reminded by my 9-year-old that anything worth while will take sweat, tears and persistence is priceless!

Have a fantastic week, be blessed.

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