So You Want to Take The Shortcut?

The 70’s and 80’s, what a great time to grow up. Building tree forts, riding bikes and countless hours spent with friends. Fantastic!

Once in a while we would take shortcuts through a field or the neighborhood, trying to save time and create a new adventure. To a kid, this screamed excitement. If there was a quicker way, a place where we had never been – yes please! I want to go! Shortcuts were a place. Today however, they mean something totally different.

That was a long time ago, a lot has changed. Obviously, technology plays a substantial part in this. Connecting with friends, family and having fast, easy, cheap access to information has never been easier than it is today. Are we spoiled? Yes, perhaps so.

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A Child’s Persistence

Last year, my wife and I signed my youngest up for gymnastics. What started out as simply an interest, quickly evolved into an obsession!

After the 3rd practice, she was hooked. As in, all in! She wanted to be there early, stay till the end and even do it on the weekends when the facility held an open gym night.

It wasn’t long and she advanced into the next level. Then the next… and the next. Not only was she really enjoying it, she worked hard at it. Even on nights she didn’t have class, she was practicing at home (driving my wife and I crazy in the process).

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