The Battle Within

A while back, I read a story about an Indian boy and his father. They were walking through the woods, talking about life, lessons and of battles not yet fought.

The boy, a teenager, and his father, a very wise and highly respected leader of the tribe, were in deep conversation, back and forth, when the son shared something that made his Father stop and pay close attention to his son.

He shared that lately he felt like there were two wolves inside of him, arguing back and forth. One wolf seemed to be of a supportive nature and was there to offer help when he needed it. It gave him peace, love and clarity. The other wolf though seemed to be causing confusion, disruption… almost as if he was there to rob, steal, and destroy. “It is powerful and kind of dark in nature”, he told his father. “It’s almost like it has no regard for others”.

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Conversations With Yourself… They Matter

Recently, a longtime friend shared some very unfortunate news: she was going blind.

I was in shock! How could this be? After not talking with her for quite some time, that is the last thing I thought she would share with me. Not only did it take me aback, I was a bit in disbelief. How could this happen, I kept thinking?

As she continued sharing, it quickly became evident that she had somewhat accepted this. Apparently, her doctor had diagnosed her with Macular Degeneration several months earlier, and the inevitable would happen; it was just a matter of time. As I sat there speechless, I couldn’t help but notice the order of her words, the syntax, to what she was sharing.

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