Scott Speaking on Accountability

Scott addresses his audience about being accountable for fixing their own behavior. ” It’s nobodies responsibility but your own to unload your baggage.”
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Scott Speaking with Business Owners about Networking

Scott addressing business owners in the state of Oregon at the Chamber of Commerce State Convention
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Who Said it Was Going to be Fair

Recently, my youngest daughter has been over using the term, “hey that’s not fair”. The typical response I give her: “who told you it was supposed to be fair?”

Our culture carries with it the belief that we need to be fair. Treat others with fairness, raise our children to be fair and that overall, life is about fairness. But is it?

Who ever said life was going to be fair? Who told us that others would treat us fairly? Was it our parents? Before them, their parents and their parents and…. Well, you get the point.

Can we all agree: life is not always fair. Innocent people are harmed every day, contributing, caring people get cancer and those who have given their lives to help others, are wronged. That’s life and no, it’s not fair!

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