Looking for a speaker for your next important event?  You found one!


Scott is a speaker, author, columnist & inspirationalist. His ability to inspire, awaken and engage an audience comes naturally.
With 20+ years of living personal development and triumphing over tragedies, Scott delivers from his life’s experiences.

What problems does Scott fix?  People!  Their limiting thinking, limiting beliefs, bitterness and their destructive dysfunctional mindset.


Not for profit organizations

managers & supervisors

business owners

mlm businesses

men’s groups

Church groups

women’s groups

networking groups

managers & supervisors

                                    …are some of Scott’s past clients.


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Laurie Staggs said:

    I so much appreciated your day with Fay DeMeyer. It was helpful in assessing my past marriage to someone like you said you used to be, however, he did not deal with the grief of his past and continues in addictions, “over everything” and denial.
    Thank you for your hard-earned insights.
    L Staggs
    Salem, OR

  2. Thank you, L Staggs. 99% of the time, the person has to “want” to get past it…or they won’t. Sad. Glad I had some insight for you.

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