Few have their own authentic belief's, most adopt someone else's
~ Scott Stewart Author, Speaker, Inspirationalist
How much better would your life be if you were Redefined and Revitalized?

Like a lot of others, Scott grew up in a home situation that was less than functional. By the age of sixteen, he had experienced enough verbal and emotional abuse to last many lifetimes. Despite the turbulence he faced in those formative teen and pre-teen years, he made a personal commitment to stop the pattern of abuse and become a better parent to his own children than the examples he’d known.

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For more information on how to invite Scott to speak at your next event, please contact him via email at scott@redefinedandrevitalized.com or contact him by phone at 541-521-4678.

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What a fabulous job you did! We have not had that kind of silence in the church for a very long time. Bob E

Scott, it was so great to hear you speak today. Powerful message of forgiveness and so needed today in our lives and in others.
Sandy M 

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